Life Update

As I sit here in my living room in the great city of Los Angeles California, (Long Beach), I am amazed at all that God has done in the last month. I am in a new city surrounded by new friends in a new church with a new role and a new ministry. What has not changed and never will, is the mission or the message from my God. I am still called and striving to live out the greatest commandment and fulfill great commission. A Pilgrims journey is never over till it’s over!  I am more than excited about the clear calling I have received from my God. There are few things so exciting as knowing you are doing God’s will. It is both thrilling and a little scary. I am sorry I have not written much on my blog or added to the website lately. My days have been full of moving from SD to LA and setting up a new life, so I apologize. I have not forgotten the Way of the Pilgrim and the need to keep adding.  I am eager to get back to writing and sharing podcasts. I hope to launch the small group materials section soon. In the meantime, I am going to Disney Land with my kids ! May the lord be with you !

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