Refugee Home for a Family of 7

Like a witness to a crime , l have to testify.
Here is my deposition. I wrote it down one night on a plane flight home from Africa, Asia, Latin America, or was it Europe, or America.
It is ruthless and prejudice. It hates everyone with life. 
It devours dignity and steals all self worth, It wraps itself in violence, murder and strife
It is the storm that never ends. The pain that will not cease. 
It kills confidence and hijacks the future 
It leaves in its wake heartache, defeat and despair.
Everyone within reach, It rapes, abuses and robs without a care.
It turns color into gray, laughter into tears.
It takes your souls nourishment and feeds all your fears.
All that is good, It twists, it deforms, mangles, pollutes and corrupts.
It enslaves, it deceives offering freedom in dope, making addicts of children with no way to cope.
Its name is poverty,
but our name is


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