Last month I was blessed to visit the work of HOPE in Africa

We have some of the most amazing outreach to the poor in the World. The pillar program in Johannesburg is Early Childhood Development. In many poverty gripped families around the world small children are often raised by their older siblings or a grandparents. Oftentimes they receive little or no attention during crucial years of brain development. The lack of stimulation and emotional nourishment means that important cognitive, emotional and physical development is hindered. This ensures their future to remain in poverty. Even if they were somehow able to attend school, they would not be able to keep up with other children. Their lives are condemned by a vicious cycle of poverty. 162 million children around the world are caught in this trap.

Hope South Africa has a team of amazing volunteers who are working hard to break the vicious cycles of poverty and set children free. They approach the challenges with love and determination. A group of women volunteers lead parenting groups. Faithful brothers give self esteem classes empowering the parents to make changes needed for their kid’s futures. They are taught to express love, and to read and play with their children. Important acts that will stimulate emotional and brain development. Their progress is seen in the beautiful smiles they The volunteers are dedicated to building long term relationships with the community. As we walked through miles of tin shacks and dilapidated plywood housing our guides, the dedicated sisters were warmly greeted and welcomed in every home. Their impact on the community is evident. Wherever they go, they bring HOPE with them.

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